THERE will be Spartans on the streets of Stockton as the North-East’s most famous private security firm extends its controversial operation to the town.

Sparta Security boss and reality TV star Francis Jones hopes to swell his ranks of Spartan warriors to ensure Stockton is kept safe.

In 2015, former boxer and born again Christian Mr Jones enjoyed time in the national spotlight as the star of BBC series Rent a Cop.

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The show followed his exploits as he and his team worked to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime in Darlington, where the headquarters of his private security firm is based.

Mr Jones is hoping to build on his success by expanding into Stockton, where he intends to use the same controversial tactics to take on burglars, anti-social ravers, bikers and “any other boyos” causing problems.

He said: “As we do in Darlington, we’ll be using ex-military personnel including close protection officers and we want to recruit more of them. We’re not moving out of Darlington but we’ve got another office in Yarm and will be working all around Stockton.

“I know there is a need over there, like any other town they’ve got problems with anti-social behaviour and they need to have that issue dealt with.

“There will be people who have gone to the council and gone to the police to ask for a situation to be sorted out.

“They’ll have lived on an estate for 20 years and some boyos will move in down the road, raving, playing music and taking drugs.

“If they want help, they can come to me and we’ll sort out surveillance before going to the council and the police and saying this is what’s happening, it’s over to you to sort out.”

Mr Jones added: “We’ll also be conducting foot patrols on the streets and for businesses, looking to catch burglars.

“I won’t be dressing up as a granny to catch bikers, like I did in Rent a Cop – that was just a bit of craic for the telly.

“We’re taking this very seriously and hope to be welcomed by the authorities in Stockton.”

In his efforts to make a return to TV, Mr Jones is now working with Teesside based film company 90 Second Story on Spartacop, a series he hopes to pitch to mainstream channels.

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