THE former lover of a man accused of sending a bomb threat to two airports in her name has discussed a bizarre series of e-mails which said his manhood would be “put in a box”.

The woman confirmed she received a string of messages purporting to be between Russel Zoryk and an unknown person which said Zoryk would be “killed and tortured” and threatened to “put his manhood in a box”.

Giving evidence in Zoryk’s trial at Teesside Crown Court, she said she believed it was a reference taken from popular television drama Game of Thrones and at first believed the messages may have been sent by another friend.

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The prosecution claim that having been rejected by his girlfriend, 25-year-old Zoryk made her life, that of her new partner and their families a “total misery”.

He allegedly sent vile messages over the internet, hid behind fake identities and tried to cover his tracks by casting suspicion onto others.

Zoryk, 25, denies sending a Twitter message on November 19, 2015 to Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley airports from an account he created in his ex-partner’s name which said: “Thought #parisattacks were bad, wait for my luggage gifts. Death to the infidels. #allahackbar #ISIS”.

He denies two counts of stalking the complainant and her new partner between May 2014 and November 2015 as well as sending a threatening letter to his former lover’s grandfather at his home in Middlesbrough.

The letter contained a white powder, which turned out to be dried potato powder, and said: “Hope this kills you”.

Zoryk, from Muirfield Drive, Derby, is also pleading not guilty to three counts of intimidation arising from threatening e-mails sent to detectives investigating the complaints against him.

The witness said a friend referred to Zoryk as a “recluse” since he rarely left the house when they lived together and referred to him in an apparently derogatory fashion as a “white South African”.

The trial continues.