AS a supporter of Darlington FC since 1970, and as somebody who follows the club’s every game home and away, I was appalled by the letter from P Ramshaw calling for the board of directors to walk away.

These people are not multi-millionaires, but unpaid volunteers who are doing their utmost to resurrect Darlington FC.

Although an error of judgement has taken place over the seating rule it’s time to take a step back and remember the original business model was three promotions in five years, something the club has credibly achieved.

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If push comes to shove and DFC are forced into another season in the National League North, surely ties with Chorley, Blyth, Bradford, Stockport, Harrogate et al are going to be more profitable than games against Aldershot, Bromley, Dover, Maidstone, Sutton, Woking etc.?

I think a lot of whinging is coming from fair weather fans who turn up in the spring at the first sight of glory professing to have been Quaker fans all their lives while wearing their 1993 Hutchinson Telecom shirts.

P Ramshaw’s suggestion the team lay down and die for Salford City makes me seriously wonder whether they know anything about football.

Gavin Ellis, Darlington