AN alleged rape victim has denied pointing to her bedroom in front of the man accused of the attack, shortly before the incident is said to have taken place.

The woman was undergoing cross-examination having giving evidence on the second day of the trial of former Durham University student, Alistair Cooke.

Durham Crown Court heard she earlier left a party at the home of other student friends in the city in an upset and drunken state, having kissed the man once.

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She told the court she had no recollection of the kiss due to the amount she had drunk at the party, on the night of June 1, going into June 2 last year.

The court has been told that the party host went out to help her back to her shared home in the city, due to her emotional and inebriated state.

Once back at her home, she was placed on a couch and left with a glass of water, before falling to sleep.

The prosecution alleges that five minutes later the defendant walked into the house, on the premise of checking her condition, telling the woman’s housemate he planned to return to his home.

But after the housemate went back upstairs to bed, the defendant is said to have lifted the woman into her downstairs bedroom, where he is alleged to have raped her three times.

Being cross-examined by defence barrister Cathy McCulloch, the woman said she had no recollection of being taken back to her home or of what took place when she was there, until waking up the next morning naked in bed.

Miss McCulloch asked the woman if she recalled speaking to the defendant when he came to check on her condition, as she lay on the sofa, to which she replied: “No. I was unconscious.”

“Then there came a point where you started to signal towards your bedroom door,” said Miss Mculloch.

“You signalled to Ali (the defendant) that you were going to your room.”

The woman replied: “There absolutely no way that happened.”

Miss McCulloch said: “He then comes over and puts his hand in the small of your back.

“Did you feel him do that?”

The alleged victim said: “No, that’s not what happened.”

Miss McCulloch said: “You walked into the room.”

The woman replied: “I didn’t. I was moved.

“He told me on a message on the phone later that he carried me to my bed.”

Miss McCulloch said: “You walked into the bedroom by yourself.”

The witness replied: “I don’t accept that.”

She earlier told the court when questioned by Crown barrister Shaun Dodds that when her housemate came to check on her the next morning, knocking on the bedroom door, she awoke and was, “surprised and confused”, to find the defendant in bed next to her.

The court heard that in subsequent messaging between the pair days later when she asked him what had taken place, her alleged attacker told her: “At the time I definitely wasn’t in a clear state of mind, but never felt like I got any signals for (sic) you that it was wrong.

“Now, I feel it was shady and more in the grey, and that makes me worried and a bit sick.”

The woman’s follow up text stated: “So, you let yourself into my house when everyone was asleep, checked I was awake or aware enough to say who you were.

“You then moved me to my bed to have sex, and now you are starting to feel it’s a bit shady.”

Cooke, 22, of Truro, in Cornwall, denies three counts of rape.