AN internationally renowned street artist has transformed a North-East music venue with a vibrant mural.

Hungarian Floek Uno travelled to the region to adorn The Forum in Darlington with an eye-catching splash of colour and a bird in flight.

The artist and climate campaigner created the piece in a bid to provoke thought about issues affecting the planet and its population.

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After completing the piece, he hosted a street art workshop at an “art, music and counterculture” evening hosted by Waking Up to Climate Change campaigners and the Darlington Film Club.

The event saw the Making Waves Choir perform songs inspired by social and political issues before a screening of Let Fury Have the Hour, a film about counterculture, resistance and music throughout the 1980s.

An exhibition of Floek Uno’s work ran alongside the event, with his mural providing a striking and permanent focus for it.

Mr Uno said: “It’s important to show my support for events like this because they try to make people consider their lives and raise awareness about what is happening to the planet and the people and animals on it.

“This kind of night is a step forward in getting people to change, to think and to live a more sustainable life.

“There is power in street art, whether legal or illegal, it sends a message and it is out in the world.

“It is the best way to communicate, organised or not – if it is organised, like this, then it proves there is a community that cares about its surroundings.

“Street art’s importance is in bringing people together.”

Organiser Louise Graham said the busy event had been inspired by a desire to connect activists and campaigners across Darlington.

She said: “Communities around the world, whether in Hungary or here, face similar pressures and there are people who are suffering.

“Nights like this are a way of coming together to have a great time while joining up, considering possibilities and having conversations about taking action.

“Art itself is a powerful tool to inspire and empower people.”

Floek Uno’s piece used paints donated by Glenwoods while the event was supported by Darlington Film Club.

The club’s James Watson urged people to support The Forum by attending upcoming events. For details visit