I’VE always had strong, healthy nails, but after experimenting with some press-ons, they were looking pretty sorry for themselves. I try the new Emjoi Micro Nail designed to gently buff, smooth and polish nails. About the size of a beauty serum bottle, the pink Micro Nail device is easy to hold and even easier to set up, requiring two batteries and your chosen roller placed on top.

Rotating at 360 degrees up to 1,800 times per minute, the first ‘Smooth’ green roller buffs away all traces of the excess nail glue and any unsightly ridges. The action is gentle enough that it doesn’t damage my cuticles on contact.

Simple to replace, the second ‘Shine’ white roller makes my nails look so glossy I can practically see my reflection in them. Speedy to use, the process takes away the sloughing and hard work involved with traditional buffers for an impressive two-minute mani. My nails look so good, it seems a shame to polish them and hide their newfound natural glossiness, so I apply a topcoat to enhance the shine.

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  • Emjoi Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher, £39.99. Replacement roller packs (set of four), £12.99.