FILMING has started in Stockton of the second series of controversial Channel 4 television show Benefits Street, it has been confirmed this morning.

Film crews are shooting the series on Kingston Road in the town's Tilery estate.

When the first series of the show - set on Birmingham's James Turner Street - aired earlier this year it attracted widespread controversy, and received 1,800 viewers’ complaints, with many branding it "poverty porn".

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Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham said he had been discussions with the company behind the series, Love Productions, which had promised to keep him informed.

He said: “I’m deeply disappointed that they didn’t keep their promise. If that’s an example of the way they do business with an MP, what credence should people on the street give them?

“All I know is the people who live in that area are in for a very tough time, and not just the people on the street. I’ve already had reports of people being filmed without permission and people upset.

"They will be subjected to the full glare of the national media, exploiting every little thing. All their local representatives are going to have to be there to help.

"When this production company have made their money and left, we’ll have to be there to pick up the pieces.”

Love Productions have been contacted for a comment but so far have not responded. However the company has previously stressed it wants to give a voice to a section of society which is often ignored.