A PARANOID man who carries weapons because he fears he will be attacked has been jailed.

Nathan Young was sentenced to six months at Teesside Crown Court for having an extendible police baton.

In May, the 23-year-old, of Hartington Road, Stockton, was locked up for having a knife in public.

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The court heard how Young has a criminal record containing 105 offences - including robbery and wounding.

Judge Howard Crowson said it was worrying he thinks there is nothing wrong with carrying weapons.

A member of the public called police when he saw Young with the baton in Stockton town centre at 1.15am.

Young ran off and when he was chased by an officer he pulled out the rasp and waved it about.

After his arrest, he said: "How can they be illegal if police carry them? I can get hold of loads."

Mark Styles, mitigating, told the court: "It really reflects his distorted thinking caused by huge misuse of drugs over the years.

"He seems to labour under some sort of delusion when he is under the influence of drugs that he needs to protect himself."

Judge Crowson told Young: "You see no wrong in it. There is, of course, wrong in it because these things can cause a great deal of harm in the wrong hands.

"Police have special training to make sure they use them safely. The fact that you do not see the harm is a concern to me.

"Your background of causing actual harm to people is an aggravating feature.

"The public may be harmed by you misjudging the situation and using one of these weapons you carry."

Mr Styles said Young, who admitted possessing an offensive weapon, had difficulties in his childhood.

"The reality is he has got to sort himself out with the drug problems he has got," added the barrister.