A PHOTOGRAPHY graduate has produced a snapshot of society’s throwaway culture with her first published book of prints.

Former Cleveland College of Art & Design student Di Emmerson, who studied photography at the college’s Hartlepool university-level campus, has created a 76-page journal documenting the forgotten places and discarded objects in and around her hometown of Middlesbrough.

The idea for the book, No Direction Left to Turn, produced in partnership with fellow photographer Paul Garcia, 38, was to celebrate a year of friendship for the photographic duo and also includes a number of images from Paul’s home of Liverpool.

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“Paul and I met on line on a photograph sharing site after he started to follow my work,” said the 28-year-old.

“We both shared an interest in photographing things that people have forgotten about, things like discarded carrier bags, dumped mattresses, broken glass and derelict buildings.

“We like finding weathered objects, things with different textures and so we tend to hang around skips and refuse centres quite a lot.”

“We’ve had a really positive response to the book,” said Di. “We have sold copies as far afield as Japan, America and Australia.”

Selling through her website www.diemmerson.co.uk, the book is priced at £8 within the UK, £10 in Europe and £12 for the rest of the world.

As well as producing her book, the former BA (Hons) photography student, who graduated from CCAD in 2011, has recently seen one of her prints displayed at exhibitions in London and Manchester.

From more than 600 submissions worldwide Di’s photograph, of a pair of yellow velvet curtains, was chosen as just one of 40 images to be put on show at the Of the Afternoon twin centre exhibition.

She plans to create her own pop up exhibition in the future.