POLICE are to run extra patrols to target speeding drivers in Shildon who are putting lives at risk.

Complaints have been made about motorists on several roads in the town including Middleton Road, Albert Street and Byerley Road.

Patrols targeting these roads and other areas in Shildon are to be held by the police in the coming weeks as part of a crack down on the menace.

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Durham Police’s patrol cars are to be included in the operation to back up officers on foot where needed.

A Shildon police spokesman said: “Drivers are urged to adhere to the speed limits which are there to ensure road safety.

“We will monitor the situation, obtain evidence and report findings which will lead to further action if necessary.”

Complaints have been raised with the police by local residents and through Shildon Town Council in recent months.

Motorists could be issued with fixed penalty tickets and their licence could be endorsed with penalty points while a large fine could be imposed too if they are found guilty of speeding.