PLANS to build more than 200 homes on two fields is being opposed by a town council, which believes they are unneeded.

Signet Planning is currently consulting over two schemes in the Willington area which are in the very early stages.

It is proposing to build 150 homes in Sunnybrow and a further 70 on the western edge of Willington.

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More than 80 members of the public attended a meeting called by Greater Willington Town Council to discuss the proposals.

Willington mayor Fraser Tinsley said the overwhelming response was one of objection.

He has now written to Signet Planning to voice his and the council’s concerns.

Cllr Tinsley said there is no need for housing on the land and said the schemes would ruin the surroundings for existing residents.

“Development of the lands will potentially have a negative impact on the amenity of neighbouring residential properties in terms of overlooking, noise and disturbance.

“The proposals will result in an unacceptable visual impact on areas of countryside that act as important visual and physical breaks between settlements in the area.”

He also raised concerns over roads being unable to cope with the extra traffic generated by the developments and said there is simply not the space for them.

Cllr Tinsley said: “Development of the scale and nature proposed will be poorly integrated with the existing built areas of Willington and Sunnybrow in terms of pedestrian and vehicular access.

“There is insufficient capacity within local schools and other essential facilities to accommodate development of the scale and nature proposed.”

The mayor also said the two areas proposed for development are prone to flooding and building on both would harm nearby wildlife habitats.

Signet Planning have listed details of the two schemes on their website and are inviting members of the public to comment.

The Sunnybrow scheme would see 150 homes built on fields behind Cherry Tree Drive and Greenways bordering the former community centre and children’s play area on South View.

A new access road would be linked to Hunwick Lane opposite the Barton Townley garage with the developer also building a new community centre, as well as a play area and parkland.

Mayor Tinsley said there is “significant ambiguity and questionable need” for the proposed centre.

Signet Planning are also proposing to build up to 70 homes on a field off West Road on the western approach to Willington from Crook.

No-one was available to comment when the company was contacted by The Northern Echo yesterday

Both plans are only at initial consultation stages with more detailed proposals to be brought forward at a later date subject to approval.

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