A COMMUNITY turned out in force today (Friday, June 27) to celebrate the culmination of a year-long banner project with a parade through their village.

Crowds lined Front Street in Lanchester, County Durham, as a replica banner was led by representatives of the village churches and Lanchester Brass Band – followed by several hundred school schoolchildren.

At the village green the children provided a display of maypole and traditional miners’ rapper dancing.

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The Fenhall Drift Lodge Banner was made in 1960 and carries illustrations of the parish church on one side and a Roman figure and miner on the other side.

Following the closure of the mine in 1963, the banner was relocated to several communities across County Durham.

The banner is owned by Durham Miners’ Association and was returned to Lanchester in 2012 under the custodianship of Lanchester Parish Council.

Parish council clerk Sally Laverick said: “The Lanchester Miners’ Banner Group formed in 2012 and raised more than £24,000.

“Over the last year, a community project included the careful conservation work on the original banner which was in a bad state of repair.

"We also realised that could never be marched again and would be kept for display so we produced a replica banner.

"To get the community involved we held workshops in the schools with art and dance workshops. We have also put together information leaflet and schools pack.

“Today’s event marks the culmination of all that work.”

Parish council chairman Ossie Johnson said: “It a great community day for the village.

“Sally is a superb organiser and tireless worker. Without her, none of this would have happened.”