A MAN has denied having had a teenage “crush” on an older female teacher with whom he claims to have had a sexual relationship for several months.

The alleged victim of what prosecutors describe as Anne Lakey’s predatory sexual advances denied having boasted about the affair and his story becoming local “legend” among his circle of friends at the time.

Ms Lakey, then in her late 20s and teaching at a comprehensive school in Sunderland, is alleged to have manipulated the impressionable 13 or 14-year-old boy, who was not a pupil of hers, to satisfy her sexual desires.

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She is said to have regularly invited him to her home, in Stanley, County Durham, often when her husband was at work, reporting in sick at her workplace and posing as the boy’s mother to call his school claiming he was unwell.

The complainant, now in his early 40s, claims it went on for several months before he became fearful of being caught, having had to hide naked in a cupboard on one visit, when Ms Lakey’s husband returned home unexpectedly early.

Ms Lakey has gone on to become an acclaimed head teacher and chief executive of the Durham Federation of Schools, comprising former comprehensives at Sacriston and Ushaw Moor.

Since the allegations came to light, in December 2012, she has remained suspended.

Under cross-examination on the third day of her trial at Durham Crown Court, the alleged victim was asked by defence barrister Julie Clemitson: “Did you have a crush on her?

“Did you, perhaps, hope to have sex with her?”

He replied: “I did have sex with Anne Toland.”

Miss Clemitson said: “It just became a standing joke, a sort of local legend, the idea that you had sex with Anne?”

He replied: “I never used to joke about it.”

Asked why he only got round to reporting it in December, 2012, about 23 years after the alleged events, he said it was when he came across an item on the internet featuring Ms Lakey, while researching potential play groups for his daughter.

Miss Clemitson said: “Were you resentful she had created a successful life for herself when your life wasn’t great at that time?”

The witness replied: “I was resentful she was telling everyone how much she cared for young people, going on the internet making out to be so good and so brilliant, when I knew what she was like and what she had done.

“It was just rubbish.”

He also denied a subsequent suggestion of Miss Clemitson that he made his complaint when he did, at the time Operation Yew Tree was in the news, in the hope of receiving compensation.

In response he said: “I have never mentioned anything about compensation.”

Ms Lakey, now 54, and of Oxhill Villas, Stanley, denies four counts of indecency with a child and five counts of indecent assault on a child.

Her trial continues tomorrow (Friday June 27).