WHEN pub-lover Mick Waite wants to go to his local he doesn’t have to travel far – just to his hallway in fact.

For his drinks are always on the house - as he’s transformed it into a 1930s-style boozer, complete with wood panelling and vintage pictures.

The 65-year-old, who lives in York, began to work on his labour of love 15 years ago, converting the cupboard-under-the-stairs that most people just use for storage.

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And now he spends his evenings propping up his own bar, sometimes with cask ales bought from local breweries.

“I have either knocked £20,000 off the value of the house or, if I sell it to a real ale fan, added £20,000,” he joked.

“I have always loved the 1930s and 40s styles and I think I always thought I would like it to look like one of my favourite pubs.”

He added: “A hall is a little-used part of a house, just there to get you to the stairs, but I spend 90 per cent of my time here now, even when having my cuppa.”

His pub-under-the-stairs is called The Midnight Bell, and when two of his friends founded Leeds Brewery, they paid tribute by using the same name for their flagship pub in Holbeck, Leeds.