A MOTHER and daughter who were well known in their village for taking in unwanted pets have been banned from keeping animals for seven years after the RSCPA reported how poorly kept their home was.

Officers visited the home of Maureen and Danielle Louise Kidd in Sunniside near Tow Law, County Durham, in December last year where they found dozens of cats living in rooms spattered with faeces and urine.

Magistrates in Newton Aycliffe were told one of the 29 cats found at the home on Front Street, a female tortoise shell long haired cat, was suffering from a fractured sternum.

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Kevin Campbell, prosecuting, said any responsible owner should have seen the animal was in pain.

He said officers noted strong smells of faces, urine and cigarette smoke when they entered the home and found ten cats shut in the bathroom with just one litter tray between them.

He said there were faeces all over the floor.

Officers also found an emaciated male ferret which Mr Campbell described as “skeletal”.

When officers initially arrived with the police Maureen Kidd was amicable, but she soon became aggressive and told officers “take the f****** lot”, the court heard.

Maureen Kidd, 54, and her 19-year-old daughter, both admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering and one of failing to ensure the welfare needs were met for 29 cats and one ferret.

In mitigation, Darren Brown said the pair were animal lovers who could never see an animal homeless.

He said they were well known for taking in unwanted pets and had become overwhelmed with the number, especially after they found out their house was due to be sold.

Mr Brown said they started with two cats but had taken in more over the years, even to the detriment of their own lives spending their money on feeding the animals.

He said they would welcome a short ban from keeping animals but would eventually want pets again.

The animals were all signed over to the RSPCA, the court heard.

Magistrates gave Maureen Kidd a two year community order with supervision and ordered her to pay £300 costs.

Danielle Kidd was given a one year community order with £150 costs, and both were banned from keeping animals for seven years.