CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a pub in a luxury housing estate have been approved.

A rustic-looking ‘Grey Towers’ run by Vintage Inns is to be built on the Grey Towers Farm development in the Nunthorpe area of Middlesbrough.

Nine letters of objection to the proposal were sent to Middlesbrough Council’s planning committee including comments that it would attract ‘boy racers’ and should be built elsewhere in suburbs such as Grove Hill or Gresham.

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Councillor Peter Sanderson, who represents the Nunthorpe ward was told by chief planning officer, Ernie Vickers, that a covenant stating there could be no pubs in the area was a civil matter and therefore not a ‘material planning consideration’.

“I am extremely concerned,” Coun Sanderson explained. “The access is not very good, the people in Collingham Drive behind it are very concerned by the noise and smells and if I was buying a £800,000 house I would not want that in my back yard.”

The meeting held at Middlesbrough Town Hall on Friday afternoon was told the pub, which was recommended for approval, will be situated 40m away from the nearest properties and be food led.

“I would like to hear from somebody in Nunthorpe saying they would like a public house on their doorstep where I have just spend £750,000,” said Councillor Frances McIntyre. "A pub is a pub and until the people of Nunthorpe come and say “I want a pub” I will vote against it.”

However, Councillor Jan Brunton added: “I think it is a community facility. It’s food led and people can walk to it. I think it’s a good development in a good area.”