IMAGINATIVE schoolchildren turned trash into treasure by creating striking sculptures from recycled materials.

Youngsters at Sedgefield Primary School used everything from bottle tops to tractor tyres to produce giant sculptures with the help of artist Darren “Dezzy” Cairns.

Children in the reception class even used old wellington boots to make unique artwork for the school garden.

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Organised as part of school arts week, sculpture making was just one of many creative activities on offer this week.

Other highlights included working with children’s illustrator Liz Million to create colourful banners for the school hall and imitating the style of famous artist such as Kandinsky and Michelangelo.

The latter involved the youngsters lying under their desks and painting upside down – a technique the Renaissance artist used while working on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

And today, the school was transformed into an art gallery, with youngsters touring the classrooms to examine each other’s handiwork.

Sam Smith, deputy headteacher, said: “The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were really engaged throughout the week.

“They especially liked making the sculptures, which not only encouraged them to use their imagination but made them think about the environment and the importance of recycling.”