A GIRL who was told her rare cancer had disappeared has been readmitted to hospital over mounting health concerns.

Ahead of tests next week to see if she remains free of MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma, Fraja Simpson has returned to Leeds General Infirmary, where she spent months last year receiving treatment.

In March, her parents, Garry and Michelle, were stunned and overjoyed after consultants announced Fraja’s remaining cancerous cells had mysteriously vanished, and that there had been only two previous cases of the disease worldwide that were similar to Fraja's.

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Her mother, Michelle, said while the the six-year-old, of RAF Leeming, near Bedale, North Yorkshire, had not been in pain in recent weeks, she had suffered four viral infections over eight weeks, urinary issues and fluctuating temperatures.

Mrs Simpson said Fraja, who has been determined to continue attending school despite the health issues, would undergo a range of tests after suffering high temperatures and urinary issues after doctors had been unable to diagnose the cause of.

She said: “We are at a loss to know really the reason, but it is believed it is to do with her kidneys. One most likely is kidney damage.

“Garry and I are concerned as we have been trying to put everything behind us, but things are getting worse rather than better.

“Fraja is a brave little princess, she is always smiling even through her tears and she is a tough little cookie.

“She has asked us are they going to suck her blood, she knows they need to do blood tests, scans and other stuff.”

Mrs Simpson said the family were dreading the tests next week, which will include a scan requiring a radioisotope to be injected into Fraja’s veins.

She said: “We can't help imaging thoughts although we are trying to just stay calm and not get to carried away.”

The tests follow a blow to the fundraising campaign to raise £500,000 for treatment abroad for Fraja, should her cancer return.

Mrs Simpson said they had been saddened to learn appeal supporter Simon Andrews, a World Superbike Championship racer, had died from injuries sustained in a high-speed crash at the North West 200 race in Northern Ireland on Saturday (May 17).

Mr Andrews, 29, had described Fraja as inspirational and had been due to return to RAF Leeming to take part in a fundraising track day.

For details about fundraising and donating, visit facebook.com/frajaellieappeal