A YOUNGSTER is celebrating winning a silver medal at the Taekwondo MSBA Open Championships.

Amie-Beth Ferrey, 12, of Ferryhill, who attends the Reflex UK School of Taekwon-Do, in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, beat a red belt with a black tip in the tournament.

The Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College student travelled north to the championships held at the Linlithgow Academy, in Scotland.

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The fight saw Amie-Beth tackle an opponent who was five belt gradings above her.

She said: “It was a really difficult round but I was determined to show them what I could do.

“I thought everyone was a better belt than me and that I wasn’t as good. When I won I felt really proud.

“This has definitely spurred me on to keep training hard and getting better and better in a sport that I love.

“I really enjoyed taking part in the competition and walking away with a silver medal was even better. My hard work seems to have paid off.”

Amie-Beth has enjoyed several successes this year already in fights against opponents aged between ten and 12-years-old.

She picked up gold at the 15th INTA Open ITF International Taekwondo Tournament, and bronze at the ITF Scotland National Championships.

Kevin Brennan, of Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College, said: “It is clear that Amie-Beth’s win was much deserved.

“Travelling twice a week to her training academy for sparring and technical training certainly shows dedication – a quality that is admirable.

“Here at the college we are sure that her success will continue in her future tournaments. Everyone from the college wishes her well when she attends the next round of competitions.”