LINGFIELD Point is helping to bin ‘throw-away society’ behaviour by getting experts on site to help businesses breathe new life into broken and damaged equipment.

The Restart Project visited Lingfield Point, Darlington, to run workshops for its customers - and help reduce the 48m tonnes of costly electronic devices thrown away each year.

In the UK alone an estimated £792m-worth of devices are binned - because we have no idea what to do when they break down.

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The Restart Project was started in 2012 by Janet Gunter and Ugo Vallauri, who were troubled by attitudes towards electronics in ‘rich’ countries.

So they started holding Restart Parties.

Ms Gunter said: “We help people learn to repair their own electronics at community events and in workplaces – and we speak publicly about repair and resilience.

“At our workshops, employees have the chance to bring their own electronics as well, learn one-to-one with our repair coaches - and feel the power of restarting.”

“We bring along professional repair tools and equipment.

“You bring your own broken devices from home – and we learn how to troubleshoot and repair together.”

Lingfield Point is renowned for its positive approach to recycling and disused things back into use and its own award-winning offices were created from the former Patons and Baldwins wool factory.

Eddie Humphries, estate manager, said: “The idea of reviving lifeless office equipment and electronic devices really appealed to us.