AN alleged rape victim claimed her attacker told her he had desires to perform sexual acts with her that he could only practice with a young English girl, a court heard.

Hassan Akhtar is accused of four counts of rape and one of attempted rape of the young woman, said to have been committed over several months in late 2012, and in the early months the following year, when his wife was out of the country visiting relatives.

Evidence in the Durham Crown Court trial was today (Tuesday May 13) given by 50-year-old Muriel Coleman, who has admitted two counts of assisting Mr Akhtar in the sexual assault of the victim.

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Coleman said the younger woman revealed to her that the defendant began his course of action by touching her leg.

She said the alleged victim felt he “crossed the line” after telling her, “he had sexual desires to perform acts with her... that he could do with an English girl.”

Coleman said she told the young woman that he was, “a menace.”

Meanwhile, a friend of the victim told the court she was “shocked” when the complainant told her what had taken place, including allegations of incidents at Mr Akhtar’s former home, in the Stanley area of County Durham.

“I didn’t expect that sort of language coming from her mouth.

“She never mentioned anything of a sexual nature like that before.”

Thirty-seven-year-old Mr Akhtar, now of Dean Road, South Shields, denies the charges.

His trial continues tomorrow (Wednesday May 14).

Coleman, of Churchill Square, Durham, will be sentenced after the outcome of Mr Akhtar’s trial.