A FARMER who has installed an energy-saving wind turbine on his land is hosting an open day for the benefit of other farmers and land owners who want to know more about renewable energy.

Michael Manners is hosting the free event at Coniscliffe Grange, near Darlington, Tuesday (May 6).

The event is one of just five open days to showcase the technology organised on farms across Britain by specialist farm-scale wind turbine installers and suppliers Earthmill.

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Managing director Steve Milner said: “People often complain about our weather, but the North-East has strong consistent winds that make it ideal for generating energy from wind.

“We have had a lot of requests from farmers in the North-East wanting to see one of our new turbines in action and this open day allows famers to talk to each other and share their views and experiences.

“It is also a great opportunity for farmers to talk to people about the process and likely savings and chat to our team of experts about their farm’s wind energy needs.”

Bookings for the open day can be made by calling 01937-581011 when specific directions to the event will be given.

Mr Milner added: “The financial benefits of wind turbines for farms are becoming more widely known.

“Farmers and landowners can effectively future-proof their electricity costs by becoming a green energy generator, crucial when energy bills are rising, and an increasing number of farmers are turning to turbines as an additional source of much needed farm revenue.”