PROPOSALS to cut anti-crime meetings from a monthly to bi-monthly schedule in Shildon have been placed on hold after residents raised concerns at the plans.

The Police and Communities Together (Pact) meetings in Shildon are held in the town’s wards - Byerley, Thickley and Sunnydale - and are well attended.

The sessions are held each month and they allow residents to meet the police to raise any issues which they have.

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Durham Police had considered cutting back on meetings so only six were held each year but Shildon Town councillors raised concerns about the idea.

Chief Superintendent Ivan Wood, head of neighbourhood command at the police, visited this week’s council meeting to discuss the idea.

As a result, the Byerley and Sunnydale wards have been joined together for one meeting, while the Thickley ward will keep its own session. The two groups will still meet on a monthly basis.

Chief Supt Wood said: “Pact is an incredibly useful process for both the police and public and we are delighted that they are continuing on a frequent basis in Shildon.

“We will continue to work closely with the public in Shildon and in all of our communities.”

Councillor Henry Nicholson, deputy mayor of Shildon, said: “I’m content with the outcome as the meetings in Shildon are very well attended.

“They’re going to take a look at how this way of running the meetings works for six months.”

Details of the Pact meetings in Shildon can be found online at