A POLISH motorist who was three times the drink drive limit fled when the driver of a car he had crashed into threatened to call the police.

Remigiusz Rolbiecki, 38, of Katherine Street, in Darlington, crashed into a car on Friday, February 14, at 9.20am.

Rolbiecki and the driver of the other car got out to discuss the accident. Smelling alcohol on Rolbiecki’s breath the other motorist threatened to call the police.

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At this point, magistrates in Newton Aycliffe, heard that Rolbiecki got back into his car and drove back to his home.

The second motorist followed him and then called the police.

Prosecutor David Ward told the court that Rolbiecki had told police that he had drunk four cans of lager and 125ml of vodka.

He added that Rolbiecki claimed he had consumed the alcohol just before the police arrived. Rolbiecki gave a breath test reading of 104mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, and the limit is 35mg.

John Turner, mitigating, said that his client accepted the prosecution case and he offered no other defence.

Rolbiecki pleaded guilty to a drink driving charge. He was banned from the road for two years and fined £417.

He will also pay a £41 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.