POSTS from a fake Twitter profile have prompted an angry exchange between a Tory MP and a Labour politician bidding to win his seat.

Labour Stockton South candidate Louise Baldock became embroiled in a row with a Twitter user claiming to be from Ingleby Manor Free School on Monday night.

The new account, @InglebyManor, said it was “disappointing” that the school did not have the backing of Ms Baldock.

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In response, the parliamentary candidate said she had never discussed the school and went on to describe the comments as a “shocking unsolicited political attack”.

Other Twitter users got involved when it emerged Stockton South MP James Wharton had welcomed the school to the social networking site.

The MP later tweeted that Ms Baldock should be taken off the site for having “another embarrassing late night row, this time with a school”.

It emerged that the school account was fake. It has since been removed.

The Northern Echo contacted Ms Baldock who said that while she did not believe the MP set up the account, by commenting on the row Mr Wharton was engaging in a “unpleasant and personal campaign” against her.

“I don't think it was a Tory stunt although they certainly tried to make hay with it," Ms Baldock said.

“I'm disappointed that this seems to be the tenor of Mr Wharton's campaign." 

Ms Baldock said the school had her full backing, adding: “I live in Ingleby and I know it needs a school.”

In response, Mr Wharton said he was not interested in “silly arguments on Twitter pursued by a naive and bullying Labour candidate”.

He added: “I was contacted publicly by the account that looked like it was from the new school we are delivering for Ingleby Barwick.

“There was then a row between that account any my Labour opponent who appeared to threaten them with negative coverage in the Guardian and screen shots being recorded.

“I don't think she showed good judgement in threatening them but my focus was and remains to support a great new school for Ingleby Barwick.”