SUPPORTERS of a doctor struck off for his involvement in the death of an Iraqi detainee have reignited their campaign to clear his name.

Almost 2,000 people have now signed a petition backing former Northallerton GP Derek Keilloh.

The petition will shortly be handed to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) which in 2012 removed Mr Keilloh’s name from the Medical Register, ending his career as a doctor.

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Supporters are also hoping to use a new draft bill on the regulation of health care professional, due to be debated by Parliament, as an opportunity to voice their criticisms of the MPTS and General Medical Council (GMC), which handled Mr Keilloh’s disciplinary procedure.

A new campaign website highlighting the case will also go live within weeks.

Mr Keilloh was found guilty by the MPTS of misleading and dishonest conduct following the death of Iraqi prisoner Baha Mousa in Basra in 2003.

But supporters say he has been the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Mother-in-law Judy Nicholls, who has coordinated the campaign to clear his name, said: “The campaign is still continuing and is gathering pace.

“We want the MPTS to review the case because we think it was flawed and prejudiced.

“We believe the judgment against Derek was based on the balance of probability and not beyond reasonable doubt - it was a criminal sanction based on a civil judgment which wasn’t fair in our opinion.”

Mrs Nicholls said that since being struck off her son-in-law and his family had found life hard, but had not given up.

“Derek has now got a new job where he is respected and valued by the people who have employed him which has made him feel a lot better,” she said.

The petition backing Mr Keilloh has already been handed to the Government via Richmond MP William Hague.

Mr Keilloh, 38, was a newly qualified doctor with the Queen's Lancashire Regiment when he tried to save 26-yearold Mr Mousa, who had been beaten by British troops.

The MPTS panel concluded that Mr Keilloh had been more aware of Mr Mousa's injuries than he revealed in his statements to a court martial and public inquiry.

To sign the petition backing Mr Keilloh, visit uk/p/support-derek-keilloh