BLACKHALL residents say they feel marginalised following the disappearance of Easington District Council.

The east coast community has seen investment in its primary school, library, community centre, welfare park and children’s and youth facilities in recent years.

But Durham County Council still feels a long way off, residents said.

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Lilly Etherington, 80, said: “We’re on the edge of the county and don’t get very much.

“We feel we get left out with a lot of things.

“Blackhall was always a lovely place, but it’s changed.

“The binmen still come round but if we want anything bigger taken away, we have to ring.

“And the council has cut library times. The local library is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays.

“I used to go to card sessions on Tuesdays which I can’t do anymore.”

Malcolm Stewart, 66, added: “With them closing the council offices in Easington it means I have to go to Seaham.

“When I lost my bus pass I had to travel there to get it replaced – and it took three bus rides to get there. Everything has become centralised and impersonal.”

Lee Chambers, 42, went further, saying: “Things have got a lot worse.

“There’s been a big problem with flytipping in empty properties and so-one seems to be doing anything about it.

“If things were still run more locally something would be done about it.”

But Percy Hunt, 82, struck a different note.

“It’s made no difference to me. I’m quite with happy the way things are,” he said.