A FORMER vet accused of killing a man during an extreme sado-masochistic sex session has told a jury the man did not respond as he carried out a variety of acts on him.

Kirk Thompson said he cut David Kochs with knives, as well as stapled his lips together, dripped hot wax on his stomach and private parts and burnt him.

The 46-year-old said he only became concerned when he made the last of several cuts to David Kochs’ buttocks, because the wound did not bleed as others had.

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But after checking his vital signs to check that he was still alive, Mr Thompson claims he covered him with a duvet to sleep it off.

Mr Kochs, 43, who is originally from the Bishop Auckland area of County Durham, was found dead under the duvet in Mr Thompson’s flat at Dulverton, Jesmond, Newcastle, on March 2 last year.

Newcastle Crown Court has been told that Mr Kochs died after suffering severe internal injuries. Mr Thompson is also alleged to have inflicted at least 44 injuries with a riding crop.

He has denied the manslaughter of Mr Kochs, 43, after they met via an internet site and engaged in drug-fuelled sexual activity - which he said was consensual.

Speaking in measured tones, Mr Thompson today (Wednesday, March 26) told a jury how that activity had involved a rolling pin, candles and knives.

Asked if he concerned that nothing was being said by Mr Kochs, Mr Thompson replied: “I assumed it was his style. Some meetings might be very vocal and very verbal others less so.”

Mr Thompson said at one point he used a scalpel from a dissection kit to inflict skin wounds on Mr Koch’s armpit and also cut his private parts with a kitchen knife.

He used a surgical stapling gun to staple Mr Kochs’ right nostril closed and removed it before inserting eight staples across his lips.

Mr Thompson said: “I made a total of seven cuts to the right buttock the final one made me stop.

“The reason it made me stop was because it did not bleed in the way the other cuts had bled. . . that made me concerned.”

Mr Thompson said he covered Mr Kochs with a duvet and checked his vital signs - and twice more later. 

He said: “One of the most unfortunate and terrible aspects is there were no signs of any internal injuries that were apparent.

“And from my perspective I have not done anything which should have or could have caused a tear.”

Mr Thompson has also denied an alternate charge of wounding and a third charge of causing actual bodily harm. He has admitted possessing crystal meth.

The case continues.