CUBS have been digging in to help out allotment holders and earn new badges.

Thirty cubs from Bedale put their backs into digging over some of the gardens in preparation for spring planting on the Masham road allotments.

Armed with spades, hoes and trowels the youngsters set too turning over the soil and clearing old plants.

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Marie Wilson, Chair of Bedale Cubs and Scouts said:”We wanted to come and help out to give the allotments holders our support.

"It’s been a really successful event the cubs have enjoyed being outside, learning about the environment and horticulture, it helps with their badge work and gives them a chance to do something different.

“And they’ve done really well, I didn’t think they’d be so efficient, but they quickly got used to digging and clearing the ground. I can see they’re going to be in big demand in the future.”