A GAY man accused of killing a partner in a sado-masochistic sex session used a sex aid on a previous partner so roughly he feared he might be injured, a court heard.

The man, known as Mr D, told a jury that he feared he might suffer internal bleeding.

Mr Thompson, 46, is on trial at Newcastle Crown Court, accused of the manslaughter of David Kochs, 43, who is originally from the Bishop Auckland area.

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Prior to the incident, on March 2 last year, Mr Thompson met Mr D at his flat in Dulverton Court, Jesmond, Newcastle, after making contact over the internet.

He said Mr Thompson was dressed in motorbike leathers and boots when he arrived and there was a black rubber sheet on the living room.

But the court heard Mr D became scared when Mr Thompson began to treat him violently.

He said: “You hear stories all the time about people suffering internal injuries. I was fearful of getting hurt inside. I have heard that people can get their insides ruptured.

“I was panicking. He was calling me horrible words. He spat on me a few times as well.”

Mr D asked to go to the bathroom, but when he came back he said Mr Thompson ordered him to get dressed and leave his flat.

Mr D said: “He really didn’t seem happy with me at all.”

The court heard Mr D was also a former sexual partner of Mr Kochs and the pair had also met on the internet.

Mr D said Mr Kochs and he never had aggressive sex.

He said: “It was just normal man sex. We were just two lads having fun.”

Mr Kochs, who lived in Gateshead, died from internal injuries.

He and Mr Thompson met on the internet and had been taking crystal meth at the time of his death.

Mr Thompson, a former vet, denies manslaughter, an alternative charge of wounding and a third charge of assault causing actual body harm. He has admitted possessing crystal meth.

The trial continues.