A FASCINATING insight into the tentmakers' bazaar in Cairo is revealed in a new exhibition.

The Italian photo-journalist Massimiliano Fusari, who is acclaimed for his work on Middle Eastern themes has unveiled the display at Durham’s World Heritage Site visitor centre, on Owengate, Durham City.

Mr Fusari, who is also a multi-media consultant, is working as a research associate at Durham University.

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Professor James Piscatori of Durham University, said: “With many years of experience in the theory and practice of photography and multimedia communication, Massimiliano Fusari has applied his skilled and discerning eye to this traditional Egyptian marketplace.

“His photographic record of the work and the milieu of the tentmakers is both vivid and sensitive.

“Arresting images capture the tentmakers at work as stitchers and sellers, their medieval street and its changing neighbourhood and the uses to which the textiles are put in daily Cairene life.”

The exhibition is presented by the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World as part of a larger project on the social history of the tentmakers.