YOUNG people are helping to shape a skate park that will be created in their town.

After years of being contacted by youngsters calling for a skate park, Spennymoor Town Council has earmarked a site in Jubilee Park, near the Carr Lane entrance, and nearly £147,000 has been secured to fund the development.

Residents, including children from local schools, were invited to share their thoughts on the facility at a consultation event on Friday.

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Town clerk Pauline Waterson said: “We are in the fortunate position of having funding in place and want to make sure before we go out to tender we are doing so for something people want rather than what we think they might like.

“It is a lot of money and something youngsters have been waiting a long time for.”

Skate park developers pitched their ideas to youngsters and feedback from them and other residents will influence the final design.

Youth councillor Beth Smallman, 14, a Whitworth Park School pupil, said: “The skate park is going to be for young people so it is good they have a say.

“It would be a waste of money and effort if it isn’t something young people like and use.

“It will also be nice for them to say they helped make it happen.”

Ten-year-old Tyler Pennington, a pupil at King Street Primary School, relished the opportunity to share his design ideas and even thinks it could be a career option.

He said: “We definitely need a skate park in Spennymoor, it is hard for people who don’t have a car to get to other parks, we have to ask parents to take us to Coxhoe or Chilton.

“I think my ideas will be good and hope they are used.”

Spennymoor Town Council has pledged £50,000 to the project, £31,150 of section 106 money has been secured and £40,000 will come from Spennymoor Area Action Partnership.

Durham County Councillor Barbara Graham has pledged £15,000 to the scheme from her neighbourhood budget. Fellow county councillors Neil Foster and Kevin Thompson have given £5,000 each.

Peter Henderson, community development project officer with the AAP, said: “This will be a tremendous asset for the community, it will great for the young people to take part in healthy activities on their doorstep and it is fantastic to get their views.”