THE full details of the foul and abusive behaviour of the drunken partner of the disgraced former chief constable of Cleveland Police have been revealed.

Detective Chief Inspector Heather Eastwood was taken to hospital after being found drunk and disorderly while stumbling through the streets of Northallerton town centre in April 2011.

But the detective, who later married Sean Price, became abusive to staff saying ‘Do you know who I am’, ‘You’re the sort of shit I normally scrape off my shoe’ and when the police were called she told them to ‘f*** off’. When security officers were called by staff at the Friarage Hospital, she attempted to hit and kick them.

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She was arrested and taken the North Yorkshire market town’s police station where it was decided she was unfit to look after herself and had urinated her trousers.

While in custody she continued to be abusive towards custody staff saying ‘I want to speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey’ and ‘Get me the duty solicitor now, you monkey’.

The disgraced detective failed to disclose that she was a senior officer at Cleveland Police, misled custody staff and neglected to report her arrest following her release.

Mr Price was also investigated for failing to report his partner’s arrest despite travelling to Northallerton to pick her up. He maintained that he was not aware that she had been arrested.

During interview with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Miss Eastwood, as she was then, denied being drunk and maintained that she had only drank four glasses of wine.

She explained her behaviour was down to a head injury she suffered when after an assault and said it was completely out of character.

The report recommended that DCI Eastwood should face a charge of gross misconduct while Mr Price would also face a similar charge but he had already been dismissed for an unrelated incident.

The detective was allowed to resign from her post before facing the gross misconduct hearing.