A CHARITY campaigner and fundraiser has turned his attention to gaining veterans medals for his fellow care home residents who served their country.

Peter Longstaff is helping veterans at Ventress Hall, in Darlington, to apply for their HM Armed Forces Veterans lapel badges.

Launched in May 2004, the badge is aimed at raising the profile of veterans by assisting the wider public to recognise them.

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Mr Longstaff, who was a Royal Naval supply officer, said: “Everyone who has served, in whatever capacity, is linked together by a common bond.

“I am lucky to share these bonds with several other residents and I wanted them to be able to wear a badge with pride that showed everyone the service they had given their country.”

Peter has helped a number of residents apply for their badges and he is currently helping more through the process.

Ventress Hall manger Judy Wray said: “Peter is a very special man and I think it is incredible that he has helped other people to obtain the Veterans Badge that acknowledges their contributions.

“Each of our residents are special individuals but there is certainly a bond between those who have served and it is a bond we are delighted to celebrate.”