A campaign to clampdown on dog foulers in the dark is being launched in Bedale after complaints from residents.

Police Community Support Officers and the local dog warden are being drafted in to help.

Brian Ellis, who lives in Benkhill Drive, told the town council something had to be done as the situation is serious.

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“It is happening during the hours of darkness, in the early hours of the morning before it’s light and in the evening.

"It really is horrendous, I can’t understand why people don’t clean up after their dogs but they don’t. And this is happening in the town centre."

Police Community Support Officers will be asked to keep an eye out, and the Hambleton District Council dog warden will undertake early morning patrols.

Coun. John Noone said:”If we can get him out in the early morning and we catch people and take action, then the chances are it will have an effect because people won’t want to be fined.”

Coun. Clive Pointon added:”We need to get members of the public reporting dog fouling, they have a duty to report these things. I have done it myself and it is very very helpful in showing how serious the problem is.

"If we can build up an idea of how extensive it is we will know what resources we need."

The town council is also planning to distribute leaflets around the town and to put information on the Bedale Online website.

Dog fouling can be reported to the district council on 0845 1211 555. Anyone found not clearing up after their dog can be fined £50 and the authority say they will take action through the courts.