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  • The auction of several thousand comics dating as far back as the 1950s is due to start at noon. Highlights include Number One issues of Spiderman, Daredevil and Newcastle's very own Viz. Duncan Leatherdale reports live from the salesroom.


And that's it from me for now, the auction will continue for another hour or two.
Thanks for joining me at this exciting day for comic geeks everywhere!


X-Men Number One, published in 1963, now. Bidding starts at £100, £110, £120, £130, £140, £150, £160 SOLD for £160 to an internet bidder.


Ghost Rider One to Five (the film starred Nicholas Cage), went for £35. The run from Five to 71 has SOLD for £40.


Not long until X-Men One, before that though are two lots of Ghost Rider, going from One to 71, which could be interesting. The real defining feature of this auction has been the impressive, unbroken runs of comics, meaning you can basically buy a complete collection!


One chap with an impressive beard and pony tail just paid £20 for 60 issues of the Fantastic Four, from issue 200 to 322. That's just 33p per comic!


Issue 12 of the Fantastic Four, from 1961, which sees Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing take on the Hulk, has sold for £50. It had a guide price of between £100 and £160. The cover was drawn by Jack Kirby. Could be deal of the day!


Somebody just got 96 copies of The Defenders, issues 19 to 144, for £15! The Defenders were like a poor man's Avengers, a superhero group with a rotating cast of members including Doctor Strange, Hulk and Nighthawk. The Silver Surfer was a late addition to the rota.


We are now working our way through several lots of Strange Tales, another Marvel publication which featured numerous characters including Doctor Strange and Nick Fury, director of SHIELD.


I shall stay until X-Men Number One goes under the hammer, sadly I will then have to head back to the office. But if you want to know what happens after that, get yourself to the Anderson & Garland showroom in Newcastle. Notable lots to come later include Issue Ones of Hawkman, Aquaman and The Green Lantern, the latter with a guide price of between £200 and £300.


Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Issue One, published in 1968, has SOLD for £95 to an internet bidder, Issues Two, Three and Four went for £65, and a run from Five to 10 SOLD for £20!


Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Issue One, published in 1968, has SOLD for £95 to an internet bidder, Issues Two, Three and Four went for £65, and a run from Five to 10 SOLD for £20!


Iron Man Number One started at £30, SOLD for £100. Two and Three SOLD together for £40!


Now Tales of Suspense, sister title to Tales to Astonish, is going under the hammer. It introduced the likes of Captain America and Iron Man.


Issue 181 of the Incredible Hulk, from 1974, has just sold for £195 despite having a missing Marvel coupon. It is the first comic to feature the Wolverine, and a copy recently sold on Ebay for more than £800.


Currently working our way through Tales to Astonish, which featured the work of notable artist Jack Kirby and was edited by Stan Lee. In 1962 it first introduced Henry Pym to the world, who went on to become Ant-Man, capable of shrinking down to the size of an ant and one of the original Avengers. It also reintroduced the Incredible Hulk after his initial run was cancelled.


Also in today's sale, Iron Man One, Two and Three. First published by Marvel in 1961, Iron Man has been made super cool by Robert Downey Jr.


Just changed auctioneers again, John Anderson is back. He earlier told me auctions can be tedious as a spectator sport, like watching horse racing if you are not putting any bids on. He said: "If you've not got an interest in it, you are just watching horses run around in a big circle."


We are through the Spiderman collection, now The Incredible Hulk Number Two, from 1962, has SOLD for £150. Just a side note, my nickname at school was the Incredible Bulk. Kids can be cruel.


Other great examples of comic book writings include Dr Strange: The Shambles From The Sea, and The Heap: The Nightmare Who Could Not Die!


I'm starting to feel numbed by numbers. Spiderman 125 through to 129 just sold for £320, more than my monthly mortgage, and I didn't even bat an eyelid.


Fantastic Four issue 41 is being sold in a lot with numbers 55, 60, 64, 65, 92 and 112, with a total guide price of between £20 and £35. Number 41 has the fantastic front cover blurb of "Possibly the most daringly dramatic development in the field of contemporary literature". I think I will make that my new Twitter profile.


There are also a fair few Fantastic Fours up for grabs, including issue 31 featuring the marvellously billed "mad menace of the macabre Mole Man"!


The oldest book in today's sale is cowboy comic Western starring the Wyoming Kid published by Detective Comics in 1952. Despite being more than 60 years old, it looks in decent condition, although it has no guide price.


Still plenty of familiar names to come, including the Incredible Hulk, Thor, the Invincible Iron Manand, their mega team up, the Avengers. It's not all Marvel though, DC are also represented with Batman and Superman lots.


Two and a half full sheets of A4 listings to go before the next really eX-citing lot, X-Men Number One!


One young chap keeps starting the bids at £20 for the Spiderman lots, sadly he keeps getting trumped by the internet bidders, much to the amusement of the auctioneer!


Into the Spiderman run now, almost a complete run until issue 300, the majority coming from a loft in Darlington. Number Three went for £80, Four £130, Five and Six together for £110 and Seven and Eight together for £95.


Spiderman Number One dates from 1963, not 1163. Apologies!


Spiderman Number Two, starts £50, SOLD for £280!


Amazing Spiderman Number One! Here we go! From 1163, bidding starts at £300, soaring up, £450, £500, £600, £720, all internet bidders, SOLD! £780, to Bidder 343397!


Spider Woman one to 46 and Ms Marvel One to 24 SOLD for £30, Spiderman One next!


It has taken one hour to get through 92 lots, there are 448 in total, Spiderman at 100, X-Men at 287 and Green lantern at 421.


Howard The Duck comics (49 of them) and the VHS movie now. SOLD for £40!


Only 20 lots now until Amazing Spiderman Number One, 30 pages of colour depicting two tales of Peter Parker, the photographer who develops arachnid skills after being bitten by a spider. The first edition pitches Peter Parker in a furious fight with the Fantastic Four. Guide price of between £600 and £1,000.


A change of auctioneer, Fred has taken over while John has gone to talk to Tyne Tees.


I have deliberately not registered to bid, this is because I do not trust myself and am fairly sure I wouldn't be able to claim a comic collection back on expenses.


When they first came out these comics would have sold for 25c in the states, around 9d in the UK. Now they are considered investments.


Most of the comics on sale today are in used but good condition, obviously looked after well and managed to avoid that great threat to all superheroes - the angry parent on a bedroom tidy up rampage.


Daredevil was created by legendary comic genius Stan Lee. When New York man Matt Murdoch is blinded by nuclear waste, his remaining senses develop to a super strength enabling him to hunt his father's killers. Gripping stuff


Now getting stuck into a run of Daredevils, 20 or so lots running up to issue 192, admittedly with some breaks. Seems to be doing well!



Daredevil Number Two, there are three copies, go for £45, £70 and £80!


The second Daredevil Number One now, goes for £320


The first Daredevil Number One now, bidding starts at £100. SOLD for £280 to the room, slight confusion as a late internet bid was expected but never came


Captain America will be big again this year with the spring release of the second film starring the brilliant Chris Evans as Captain Steve Rogers. This run of comics could be a good investment.


Cap Am 101 to 104 go for £35


Captain America 100 now, goes for £35 to online bidder. 101 to 104 next.


Marvel Kiss and the Beatles Story go for £10.


First fail sale, E-Man numbers two to 10. No interest in the room, not even for £5.


The next big lots are 41 and 42, both Daredevil Number Ones published in 1964, each valued at between £300 and £450. Hopefully the truly terrible film with Ben Affleck as the eponymous superhero won't have tarnished Daredevil's reputation among collectors.


Phew, we are off to a flying start. Now several job lots to come, American underground works featuring Robert Crumb and the like. The Marvel comics start soon with Captain America and the Marvel Super Special The Beatles Story, valued at between £24 and £45.


Viz six to 10 gone for £320 to same chap. Now 11 up to 30, £320 to the builder!


Viz Three now, £360 to the same guy who bought Number Two. He is wearing workman's trousers and boots, will need to do a couple of extra shifts at the building site to pay for those.


Viz number Two now, even rarer than Number One apparently. Published April 1980, number 89 from a first print run of 500. GONE! For £480!


Trying not to make eye contact with the auctioneer, up to £820 now, a wrong move could be very costly! DONE! Viz £880 to a internet bidder.


Viz Number One now, guide price of between £400 and £600. From December 1979. John: "I can confirm that despite the excellent condition this is a first edition first printing verified by Simon Donald himself."


Viz Number One now, guide price of between £400 and £600. From December 1979. John: "I can confirm that despite the excellent condition this is a first edition first printing verified by Simon Donald himself."


Fat Freddy's Cat and Fabulous Furry Freak went for £25


The Eagle soared out of the room at £520!


Lot 8 next, a mass of Eagle Comics, my Dad would like them but with a guide price of  between £200 and £300 sadly he won't be getting them from me. Bidding started at £50, straight up to £160 on the web, then £250 online, £260 in room, £270 web, £280 room, it's madness! Up to £400 and counting.


Asterix collection up next, caught my eye. Two bidders, gone for £25 to an internet bidder.


The first lot, boxes of Red Dwarf and Empire magazines sells for £5.


Auctioneer John Anderson has taken to the podium, welcoming bidders in the room and online. "We are selling all comics as seen, I cannot accept comics returned after the sale simply because they turned out to have some defect noticed after the sale.
"On the other hand they are there for sale, I hope you have an enjoyable sale and you might even get some bargains."


Lot 13 is the first edition of Viz. Only 150 were produced, although issue One was reprinted. The World Record for a Viz One was set here at A&G when a copy sold for £950. Today's copy is in perfect condition, complete with a card offering a free ice cream printed on paper stolen by Viz creator Simon Donald from the Government department where he was working at the time.


Around three quarters of today's lots have come from a house in Darlington, chanced upon by a widow who discovered her late husband's collection in the loft. John Anderson from Anderson & Garland said it was a rare find that has got the nation's comic-lovers in much of a flutter.


The Spiderman (Lot 100) has a guide price of between £600 and £1,000. A mint condition copy could easily fetch more than £10,000. Today's entry is not mint but has been lovingly looked after. 


There are 448 lots with the furious frenzy of bidding expected to last between four and five hours. Notable entries include issue Number Ones of Spiderman, X-Men, Viz, Aquaman, Daredevil and Hawkman.


LESS than 10 minutes to go until the auction kicks off. A couple of dozen collectors and dealers are ready for the bidding war, numbered paddles their weapons, comic book ownership their prize.

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3:42pm Tue 11 Feb 14

Andrew White says...

Good stuff Duncan Leatherdale, thanks for a witty and entertaining comics-based blog.
Good stuff Duncan Leatherdale, thanks for a witty and entertaining comics-based blog. Andrew White
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