ART students have been celebrated for their outstanding talent. 

Rosie Mackenzie, 18, and Rosie Allis-Moyle, 17, students at Richmond School and Sixth Form, have been praised by their art teacher Anne Marie James, who said their work is of exceptional quality.

Miss Mackenzie has had work featured at an annual exhibition at the Station, Richmond, and Miss Allis-Moyle has already been awarded a university-level certificate from Darlington College.

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Ms James said: “We have some amazing students at GSCE and A-Level producing some outstanding work.

“Rosie Allis-Moyle produces some really special pieces and her sketchbook is brilliant.”

In 2012 Miss Allis-Moyle completed an ‘approaches to drawing’ class at Darlington College, accredited by Teesside University, which amounts to 30 credits towards a degree.

She said: “I want to go to university to study art and hope to make a career out of it but I know it is hard.

“With all our work we get constructive criticism so we can push ourselves to improve.”

Ms James added: “Rosie Mackenzie aims to pursue another career path but is still focussed on art and has her work exhibited every year as part of her art group outside school, she is very talented.”

Miss Mackenzie said: “I’m a member of Darlington Art Society and have exhibited my work with that.

“I’m planning to do zoology at university but will also continue to enjoy art.”