SCHOOL pupils have been learning about numbers and the part they play in everything from cookery to art.

Woodham Academy held a numeracy awareness week to show pupils that numbers are important across the curriculum, not just in their maths lessons.

Throughout the week, pupils used numeracy in a variety of subjects, including art, cookery, technology, history, physical education, English, young enterprise and science.

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In history, pupils used percentages to calculate how demand for the model T Ford car increased as prices fell.

In art, the youngsters created patterns using rotation and reflection and used ratios to help them mix exact paint colours.

While in science, the children used trigonometry to calculate how far the planets are from the earth and used formulae to determine wave length, speed and voltage.

Each pupil recorded their numeracy experiences and at the end of the week several were awarded prizes, such as Argos vouchers and lunchtime passes, which allow them to jump the queue.