CLIMATE change will be placed under the spotlight in the public lecture by an expert on the subject.

Dr Pippa Whitehouse, a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) research fellow in Durham University’s Department of Geography will speak at Grey College, Durham City at 2.15pm on Sunday, February 1.

The talk is entitled Hot Topics in Cold Places: Climate Change in Antarctica.

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Dr Whitehouse said: “I’ll be explaining how climate change is affecting the coldest place on Earth and how we attempt to measure these changes across such a vast, inhospitable region?”

“I’ll be pulling together field data and computer simulation to reveal the secrets of the ice sheet.”

Alan Martin, president of Grey College Senior Common Room, said: “This is a fantastic topical talk to kick off our latest series public lectures here at Grey College.”

He added: “Another talk, which is particularly relevant to the people of Durham, is on Sunday, February 16.

“It will be given at 3.15 pm in Holgate House, Grey College, by Norman Emery and entitled Banners of the Durham Coalfield.”

The talk will be preceded by a performance of the Bearpark Brass Band at 2.15pm in Fountains Hall at Grey College.

Admission to the events is free.

For further information contact 0191-334-5900 or email: