STAFF from a social housing group have gone back to school to help pupils with their reading skills.

Officers from Teesdale Housing Association (THA) have been making use of their organisation's policy which allows them to volunteer for community projects.

As a result, they are working with pupils from Evenwood Primary School, listening to the children read and helping the youngsters develop their abilities using the school’s reading skills and phonics programme.

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Peter Locke, community investment officer at Teesdale Housing Association, said: “We have many properties in Evenwood and we have a significant impact on the local community.

“We want to ensure that impact is as positive as possible and by working with Evenwood School, we give ourselves the best chance of doing just that.”

Acting head Angela Rees added: “We’re delighted to welcome members of staff from Teesdale Housing Association.

"We’re sure it will be a rewarding experience for the volunteers as well as our pupils.”

The involvement of volunteers represents another stage in a growing relationship between the housing association and Evenwood School.

THA also helped to set up a Breakfast Club for pupils, in partnership with charity The Greggs Foundation.