STUDENTS have been urged to keep their lives private because future employers might check them out on social media.

Year 10 students at Darlington School of Mathematics and Science were warned about posting inappropriate material on the likes of Facebook and Twitter because it could lose them a job.

Cummins Engines plant manager Des McMenamin told them: “You could end up being judged by the funny stuff and this could put off a prospective employer. You need to think about your profile picture and use the privacy settings.”

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Mr McMenamin was joined at the careers session by Darlington Cares programme manager Katie Blundell.

Students were offered advice on CV preparation, interview techniques and other employment skills.

“Simple things like time-keeping are vital,” said Mr McMenamin. “If someone isn’t in my plant the impact is massive. It could stop production and could delay the delivery of the engines we make for ambulances and fire engines.

“If you can’t get to work on time then you put yourself in danger of losing your job and your salary and all the things that is used for.”

Headteacher Calvin Kipling said: “Hearing this sound advice from the employer’s mouth has a huge impact on students’ attitudes.

“It really hits home what will be expected of them when they leave school and enter the exciting and rewarding world of work.

“We are so fortunate to have such a dynamic employer as Cummins in the town, a truly global and very successful business which make engines for machines around the world.

"It is fantastic that they are so keen to work in the community and they certainly inspired our students today.”