A MULTI-million pound riverside office redevelopment will feature a “bat hotel”.

A special roost for the nocturnal creatures is included in the £27m Freeman’s Reach project on the banks of the River Wear in the centre of Durham City.

The area is home to the Daubenton’s Bat and the “hotel’’ is designed so the bats can fly around inside. It also boasts a flood escape exit.

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In addition bat boxes have been installed below the nearby Milburngate Bridge. 

Developers, Carillion Developments, Arlington Real Estate and Richardsons Capital LLP, are keen to improve the site’s bio-diversity and it is being done to Natural England European Protected Species Licence requirements.

Shelves and holts for otters have also been created along with fish rest pools and a fish counter.

Ian Beaumont, Project Director of the Freeman’s Reach Development, said: “The ‘bat hotel’ is a very impressive structure and has been made to a targeted design specification.

"This ensures the ‘hotel’ will be as effective as possible for the conservation of the Daubentons at the development and attracting a larger population.

“By ensuring that these ecological features are in place it enables wildlife to access suitable and sustainable habitats that will help them to thrive.

“The presence of the growing and diverse wildlife population adds to the character of the development and makes it an even more enjoyable place to be.”