A HISTORY society is on a mission to discover more about the brave men who fought and died in the First World War.

Sedgefield Local History Society plans to commemorate the centenary of the conflict by staging an exhibition at Ceddesfeld Hall in the town on July 12.

Over the last few months, society members have been researching the 43 men listed on Sedgefield’s war memorial and have uncovered fascinating insights into their lives before the war, as well as the heartbreaking stories of how they lost their lives.

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They are calling on Sedgefield residents, past and present, to help them with the project by shedding light on their own ancestors and what they did before and after the war.

Barbara Leo, who carried out the initial research along with fellow historian Helen Clifford-Brown, said: “If we don’t do this now the people who are able to help us will no longer be with us and their memories and stories will be lost forever.”

Norma Neal, chair of Sedgefield Local History Society, added: “We are trying to put faces and life stories to the names listed on the war memorial so that these men are truly remembered.”

The group has made good progress but details of three men, Robert William Acomb, Richard Rainbird and John Welford, have so far eluded them.

Anyone with information or photographs and memorabilia they would like to loan to the group can contact Mrs Neal on 01740-620091 or norma@neal.myzen.co.uk