TWO students swapped their American hometown for a visit to its English namesake.

Nick Martin and Christine Costello, from Durham, in North Carolina, visited County Durham as part of an exchange programme through Duke Engage and spent four weeks shadowing Durham County Council’s One Point youth workers.

They attended youth clubs and secondary schools to gain an insight into the education system in England and compared the differences between life in this country and abroad.

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The duo thanked youth workers Alison Ghent and Annette Donohue for such an enjoyable visit and said: “They are incredible at what they do and their passion and positivity is contagious.

“The youth workers and teachers we met have demonstrated what it means to be a positive influence in children’s lives as well as the importance of instilling hope.

“Working with the kids in this area has taught us the importance of nurturing their curiosity and has given us the courage to try new things.

“We would like to thank the people who have enabled us to have so much fun during our time here.”