A COMMUNITY took inspiration from the Olympics to stage their own community games day.

Sporting competitions included ‘the human washing machine’ and ‘the chicken run’ at the It's a Knockout-style fun event on Saturday (June 15), organised by The Billingham Legacy Foundation.

The competitions pitted community groups and organisations ranging from charities to the Fire Brigade against each in the name of fun and to raise funds.

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Pat Chambers, of the Billingham Legacy Foundation, said: “When the Olympic torch came through Billingham last year there was such a good spirit in the town, we thought, ‘let’s do something’ and we thought about our own games.

“It was an absolutely phenomenal day. We had about 200 people taking part in actual events and about 1,000 just there to join in the fun. What was really pleasing was 100 per cent of teams want to re-book for next year and half of them want to bring extra teams next year. We hope it’s something we can do for years into the future.”

Mrs Chambers explained the philosophy behind Billingham Legacy Foundation. She said: “Two people said, ‘what if everyone in the town gave just £1, we could use that to really do something for our own town.' There was a willingness to say, ‘let’s take care of ourselves.’”

Last year the foundation handed out £5,000 in 28 grants.

The games took place at Stockton Riverside College’s Bede Sixth Form on Marsh House Avenue. Individual charities also raised funds on the day.