A COUPLE who spearheaded a fundraising campaign to build a school in Ghana have re-visited the country to see the project’s progress.

With the help of Cockerton Methodist churchgoers, Clive and Pauline Beecham of Mowden raised more than £10,000 for the Grace Project to build a school in the village of Ho after they first visited Ghana in 2011.

They have just returned from a three-week-long trip the see the building’s progress and distribute gifts, including 28 knitted dolls, donated to the children by the Darlington community.

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Although Mr Beecham admitted he was a little disappointed that the building was not finished, as still needs a roof, he said it was “wonderful” to see the difference the money had made to the project.

“It is a tremendous place to be,” said Mr Beecham, 67.

“You get taken over by the enthusiasm of the kids and families in the village; they have got nothing but they will give you everything, it is a big lesson we can learn.

“It does change your thinking on so many issues.

“You come back here and see the pressures and hassle that we have trying to survive for the next week or month or year, yet the Ghanaians wake up and are happy if they see the day through making sure that they have enough money to eke out some food.”

Mr Beecham, a retired Branksome and Teesdale schoolteacher, wished to thank members of the Cockerton Methodist Church and everybody in Darlington who has donated to the project so far.

The Grace Project is a Christian charity first established in 2004 by members of The Salvation Army in Castleford.

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