FURTHER safety work is planned on a road once dubbed Britain’s most dangerous after a multi-million pound dualling scheme failed to prevent casualties.

Highways Agency chiefs are taking action after a report into the impact of improvements to the A66 west of Scotch Corner identified several accident blackspots.

Long-awaited dualling work to two stretches of the road were completed in 2007.

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However, a study of collisions on a stretch of new dual carriageway from Scotch Corner to Carkin Moor showed 12 people died or were badly hurt in the two years after the work was completed.

In a bid to improve safety on the stretch, the Highways Agency commissioned an investigation into accidents at Sedbury Home Farm Bend, near Scotch Corner, in May last year.

This has prompted road chiefs to allocate funding for improvements to be undertaken during the next financial year, 2013/14.

A further investigation is to be carried out in 2013/14 to look accidents at Melsonby crossroads.

If a suitable scheme is identified, funding for improvements could be allocated in 2014/15.

An examination of potential safety work at the A66 Winston crossroads is also being considered, although this is unlikely to take place before 2014/15.

A further investigation is currently looking at accidents between the stretches of dual carriageway between Carkin Moor and Browson Bank, particularly those associated with the Hartforth junction.

The study is due to be finished by March 31. Safety work could begin in 2014/15 if a suitable scheme is found.

The Highways Agency outlined its safety plans to North Yorkshire county councillor Michael Heseltine.

While disappointed there is no proposal yet to dual the entire length of the A66, Coun Heseltine is pleased further safety work is being undertaken.

He said: “The dualling of the A66 west of Scotch Corner in recent years has been a great improvement, but local residents and road users have expressed concerns over some safety issues.

“I am very glad the Highways Agency is looking at the situation and likely to make changes, particularly at the Melsonby and Winston crossroads, and the Hartforth-A66 junction.”

A spokesman for the Highways Agency said: “The Highways Agency will continue to monitor and investigate safety issues along the route and invest in safety improvements within the resources at our disposal.”

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