A WALKER lay with a suspected broken leg for around 40 minutes before being discovered by a farmer tending his stock.

The incident happened on a footpath between Askrigg and Worton in North Yorkshire around 11.15am today (Thursday).

The Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team took part in the operation to get the woman, walking alone, to hospital after the Yorkshire Ambulance Service called for assistance.

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Steve Clough, the team's rescue controller, said: "A female walker had fallen and possibly broken her leg. She had apparently been found by a farmer after about 30 or 40 minutes. He was going to check on his stock.

"She was some 400 to 500 yards from the main road so the ambulance service required our assistance."

Mr Clough, who was one of six members of the team taking part in the rescue, said the woman was cold, as she was exposed to the elements.

"There was a very cold wind and she clearly wasn't able to make any progress with her leg seemingly broken. She was pretty stuck so it was fortunate that the farmer found her," he said.

Mr Clough said the Swaledale team had taken part in numerous operations recently.

"This is our eighth call out in 11 days, we have been incredibly busy," he said.