SNOW Angels were sent in to help vulnerable people cope with the latest extreme weather conditions to hit the region today. (Friday, January 25)

As more flakes fell, a team of around 30 people armed with winter woolies and shovels cleared the paths of elderly Consett residents.

Every winter the former steel town, in the foothills of the Pennines, suffers more than other parts of the North-East, and this year has been no different.

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Representatives from the Safe Durham Partnership cleared snow and delivered food to people struggling to cope with the Arctic conditions.

Ena Farclough, 82, of Church View, was brought a loaf of bread, after running out and telling the Snow Angels she was unable to get to the shops.

She said: “I was going to get my cook book out and see if I could make some.

“I was not expecting anyone to bring me food. It is marvelous. I could not believe it when I looked outside and saw them all out there. They were like a load of busy bees.”

Officers from Durham County Council and Durham Constabulary were joined by people from community and voluntary sectors to clear snow from doorsteps and footpaths and check on the welfare of residents.

Temporary Inspector Chris Davis of Consett police, said: “When we have extreme weather, public services are often criticised in how we react.

“We want to help reassure the community that the emergency and public services are all genuinely there to help at a time of high demand.”