Bigger bags to collect waste paper at the kerbside would bring in an extra £50,000 across Hambleton district and stop a drop in the amount of waste being collected, councillors have been told.

Collections of paper have been falling over the past two years, 100 tonnes down last year ,with concern that the existing blue bags which were brought in ten years ago need replacing.

Councillors are being urged to invest £30,500 in buying bigger bags in the hope more householders will use them. Jennifer Lowes Recycling Officer says in a report to the council’s cabinet  today (Tuesday, January 22) :”Based on experience in Richmondshire where a large woven bag is used it should be possible to increase annual yields of paper per household by a minimum of 11kg.This equates to an additional 425 tonnes of paper each year which would give an additional income including recycling credits of £49,540.”

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They would also hope to collect extra types of paper including cereal boxes, greeting cards and white and printed card.